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Stony brook

On the North shore of Long Island in Suffolk County, New York, Stony Brook is a census-designated place in the Town of Brookhaven. The hamlet of Stony Brook was founded in the late 17th century. Both names presumably allude to the linked bodies of water that border the western side of the hamlet, which was previously known as Wopowog and later Stony Brook. A satellite village of Setauket, New York, the hamlet’s original settlement, whose property was purchased from the Native Setalcott tribe in 1655 and became part of the town. In 1699, a gristmill was constructed on what is now known as the Mill Pond, which the present structure replaced the original in 1751, grind grain until the 1940s, and has subsequently been converted into a tourist attraction. Throughout the 18th century, stony Brook was an isolated region save for a little amount of business around the mill at the junction of Main Street and Harbor Road. As early as the 1870s, the Long Island Rail Road served the hamlet of Stony Brook, providing a convenient link between Stony Brook and New York City. It was not long before Stony Brook became a popular summer destination for city residents looking to get away from the dangers and stress of city living. More people moved to the region after the Stony Brook Assembly was established in 1909. Many of these newcomers built homes and cottages, many of which were initially built for year-round usage or have subsequently been transformed. Today, Stony Brook is home to a planned commercial century in an idyllic New England-style village comprising white clapboard architecture and quaint stores that opened in 1941. The State University on Long Island located in Oyster Bay at the time, a State of New York branch established by the City of New York, relocated to Stony Brook and became Stony Brook University. Stony Brook is also home to a number of tourist destinations such as the Stony Brook Grist Mill and the Long Island Museum of American Art, History, and Carriages, a vast collection of complex buildings known as the Long Island Museum. Stony Brook has a number of other attractions such as the 19th century William Sidney Mount House, the St. James Episcopal Chapel, and the West Meadow Beach Historic District. Stony Brook’s southern section is dominated by post-war housing developments. The real estate median price in Stony Brook is $461,800 and the current rental price is $2,205.

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